Six Month Smiles

If you are one of the millions of adults who are self-conscious about their crooked teeth and have avoided looking into straightening treatments thinking that a mouthful of metal will be the result - think again!

Adult braces are now available that are virtually invisible, allowing you to discreetly straighten your teeth, with the only result being your new, beautiful smile.

Colney Hatch Dental offers the proven adult braces system, 6 Month Smiles, which can re-align your crooked teeth within a 4-9 month treatment time - a fraction of the time required by traditional braces. The gentle, yet constant, orthodontic dynamics employed by 6 Month Smiles is like those used with traditional braces, but the appearance of 6 month Smiles braces are radically different. Very slender tooth-coloured wires made of special nickel titanium are used with the 6 Month Smiles straightening system, making them nearly invisible.

It is wonderful to know that you no longer have to hide your smile or feel embarrassed by crooked teeth. 6 Month Smiles is primarily used for the realignment of upper and lower front teeth, those that are most visible when you smile. Your Colney Hatch dentist can assess the alignment of your teeth and determine if 6 Month Smiles adult braces are an appropriate recommendation for your case.

The Innovative 6 Month Smiles system offers the following benefits to adults with misaligned teeth:

  • 6 month average treatment time
  • Nearly invisible transparent brackets and tooth-coloured wires
  • Proven results using an established straightening system
  • Comfortable treatment & easy to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Low force ortho-dynamics ensure reliable, rapid results
  • Affordable when compared to traditional braces or aligner therapies

Don't put off your beautiful smile any longer - call us today for your free consult on 6 Month Smiles, the barely-there adult braces straightening system.