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Dentures top the list of dental appliances for their affordability, ease of use, and effectiveness. There are over 10 million denture wearers in the nation, with 1 million of those wearers being under 30 years of age. At Conley Hatch Dental, we take extra time and care to ensure your partial or full dentures fit perfectly - so the fact that you have joined the ranks of denture wearers will be your secret.

Dentures are utilised in replacing missing teeth, either a single tooth or several teeth. One of the main differences between dentures and other tooth replacement options is that dentures are a removable appliance, which can come with its own special concerns, such as cleaning and maintaining optimum fit.

Besides their affordability, dentures offer the additional benefit of being able to be worn immediately following an extraction or a tooth loss. This allows you a true continuity of appearance where no one knows you lost a tooth.

Your dentist will discuss which denture option, partial or full, is best suited to your circumstances, as well as the materials used for the replacement teeth in the denture.


Each option has particular benefits and structures:

  • Full or Complete Denture - this appliance replaces all your lower or upper teeth, fits snugly over your gums and is normally assisted in maintaining that snug fit with over-the-counter dental adhesives. Full dentures require regular cleaning. If your denture becomes uncomfortable or ill-fitting, contact your Colney Hatch dentist to avoid gum damage.

  • Partial Denture - this appliance replaces one or several side-by-side missing teeth and is made of plastic or plastic and metal, often with metal retaining clips to hold the denture in place. The replacement teeth in a partial denture are made of a range of high grade plastics that can give a natural, colour-matched appearance.

Your dentist will recommend the appropriate denture and materials when discussing your case. You can also discuss future options, if you wish to consider other teeth replacement options, such as a dental bridge or dental implants.

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