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Teeth whitening is by far the most popular cosmetic dental procedure performed, both at home and at your dental clinic. Colney Hatch Dental recommends that you consult with your dentist before trying any home teeth whitening products, since they can actually cause damage to teeth with excessive wear or cavity decay.

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that uses specific formulations to lighten the enamel of your teeth, and when performed by your dentist is completely safe and will produce dazzling results and a beautiful smile. Ensuring your teeth whitening results are the best means applying whitening products to clean teeth, so it is often recommended that you have your teeth cleaned prior to having a whitening treatment.

Why Tooth Whitening

There are a number of reasons why teeth whitening may be a perfect choice for your smile:

  • Your natural tooth colour may be more ivory than white and you would prefer to brighten them

  • Your teeth have become discoloured from staining foods or drinks - or from smoking

  • Your teeth have plaque or tartar, giving them a dull, yellowed appearance - a thorough cleaning and then whitening will produce marvellous results

  • Your teeth have become dull and less white as you've aged, a natural occurrence, and you wish to restore your teeth to their original white beauty

For a more youthful, confident smile, Colney Hatch Dental recommends Zoom tooth whitener, a proven safe, dentist-approved product that can whiten your smile by several shades within a quick, hour-long appointment. Under your dentist's supervision, the Zoom peroxide formula is carefully applied to your teeth after protective gel has been applied to your gums. Whitening results are accomplished quickly and safely, leaving you with a bright, white smile to flash - after spending the equivalent to lunchtime in chair.  Zoom at-home whitening trays may be used to maintain your sparkling smile. Your dentist will provide detailed instruction on the use of at-home whitening with Zoom products.

Teeth whitening can produce dramatic results that instantly boost your confidence, so give a call and find out about our free consults.

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